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The TeleVoice team of consultants, developers, and programmers has more experience working with mortgage servicers than anyone else in the call center industry.

With dozens of clients representing a broad cross section of mortgage servicing, TeleVoice sets the standard for IVR and CTI solutions. In fact, many innovations in mortgage servicing IVR and CTI design have been developed by TeleVoice, including:

  • Payoff AutoFax
  • One-time Drafts
  • IVR PassBack™
  • Private Label Servicing
  • Payment Reminders and Notifications via SMS Texting
  • SPoC Call Management

An active TeleVoice User Group of leading mortgage servicers meets twice a year to discuss changes in the industry and their impact on call center operations.

With TeleVoice, you get more than an off the-shelf voice response system. Having worked with mortgage servicers on a daily basis for more than a quarter century, TeleVoice has developed specialized voice-response modules that address the business needs of servicers. A veteran team of consultants, programmers, application developers and broadcast-quality voicetalent has a unique understanding of your needs. TeleVoice will become a valuable part of your team – like having your own IVR department. You can be sure that the TeleVoice team will be there to deliver the technology you need to meet your changing call center needs.

Increased Productivity

  • TeleVoice handles routine questions, eliminating the need for a call center agent to be involved.
  • Productivity gains are possible with optional automation of routine service requests.
  • Clients report that 35 to 50 percent of an average day’s customer service calls are handled solely by TeleVoice.
  • Customers can quickly hear answers to the most common questions about their loans without having to speak to an agent.
  • Dynamic menus assist in delivering only the needed responses to each borrower; reducing the total call time to its optimum length.
  • Intelligent call routing tools ensure that borrowers who need to speak to an agent are routed to the appropriate queue based upon loan-level criteria.

Make the Most of Every Call

Your TeleVoice system is the first point of contact for many of your customers. With enhanced TeleVoice features, you will have the power and flexibility to take full advantage of every single contact. For example, you can:

  • Use TeleVoice Screen Pop capabilities to give your agents instant access to the caller’s account information as soon as they receive the call.
  • Deliver targeted messages to customers whose loan status, geographic area and call patterns make them ideal candidates for refinancing or other products.
  • Use Intelligent Call Routing to ensure that callers are directed to the agent best equipped to address their needs.

Custom-Crafted Solutions

Even the best technology will not help you if your IVR application is not custom crafted to communicate effectively in your environment and get the most from every minute of connect time. That’s why a TeleVoice senior consultant will spend two to three days in your call center meeting your team, getting a clear understanding of your objectives, analyzing your call patterns and listening to actual calls.

Then, our team can develop the customized application design for your TeleVoice system that will best meet your specific needs.

Available IVR Modules

  • Speech Recognition
  • Bilingual Scripting
  • One-time Draft Payments
  • One-time Draft Confirmation Recording
  • Promise to Pay
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Lookup
  • SPoC Call Routing
  • Payoff AutoFax
  • SSN Lookup
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Capture Caller Phone Numbers for Skip Trace
  • Loan Subservicing
  • Year-End 

For more information about how TeleVoice can help your business, call us at (281) 497-8000