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Customers prioritize obtaining a resolution above all else.

Today’s contact centers are increasingly complex, and agents often use multiple applications to manage customer interactions.  Research shows 40 percent of agents’ time is spent navigating between multiple applications while on calls with customers. This is after agents spend 35+ seconds authenticating each call. These challenges make it difficult for agents to provide courteous, accurate, and efficient service. CRM and contact center screen pops alone are not enough.

teleVoice Agent Desktop Automation uses customized business logic to display critical data, special attention indicators, and conditional, dynamic scripting to agents. Multi-factor authentication can be completed before or as calls are delivered to agents. Caller information is consolidated from multiple data sources and presented to agents in a single comprehensive picture. 

The agent desktop lies at the heart of the integrated contact center.

teleVoice can summarize and populate critical data for your existing desktop.  Alternatively, a customizable teleVoice agent desktop can work in conjunction with your CRM and contact center.  These solutions empower agents to deliver a high-quality service experience and maintain customer loyalty. 

Deployment methods

Options include Hosted Public, Hosted Private, or Hybrid Cloud.
If you prefer On-Premise, no worries, that’s an option as well.


Offer Personalized, Differentiated Customer Experience

Use real-time customer data to deliver personalized, delightful, and seamless experiences. Provide smarter, more efficient conversations.

Boost Agent

Integrate core and other data to streamline agent interactions. Improve the consistency, accuracy and quality of interactions.

& Security

Provide real-time caller authentication to ensure voice interactions are secure and efficient.

Let teleVoice show you how you can improve customer experience with our proven contact center solutions.

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