Single Point of Contact Call Management

Introducing teleVoice SpotLightTM – the only patented call management solution designed specifically for Single Point of Contact agents.

Many contact centers assign Single Points of Contact (SPoCs) to customers who have unique characteristics. Generally, these are customers with complex problems who need the ongoing assistance of a specialized agent. Over a span of days, weeks, or even months, the specialized agent works with the customer to resolve their issue.

The personal attention of a SPoC ensures the customer has continuity through their process and avoids the pitfalls of repeatedly bringing different agents up to speed. However, SPoC calls are not easily managed using traditional contact center systems. 

Because these calls are frequently lengthy, the agent is often on the phone with one customer when other customers call in. Additionally, while managing a portfolio of assigned customers, SPoC agents must juggle inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, call appointments, and a myriad of other tasks. 

The compounding effect of these conflicting tasks is unacceptably long hold times, high abandonment rates, inefficient voicemail tag, and sagging customer experience.

teleVoice SpotLightTM revolutionizes SPoC activities

SpotLight manages all the handling of inbound calls, outbound campaign calls, voicemails, scheduled call backs, abandons, and more. Powered by SpotLight’s unique configurable Call Prioritization engine, each call task is dynamically scored to determine the agent’s next call task.  Call tasks are prioritized based on the account-level characteristics management chooses.

With SpotLight, SPoC agents are more productive, customer communication is more efficient, and customer experience is dramatically improved!

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