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Many federal and state regulators now require mortgage servicers to assign a Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for loans in various states of delinquency. Managing inbound and outbound borrower contacts is now tremendously more complicated because of the SPoC requirement.

Traditional dialers and ACDs were not designed for SPoC. They are designed to randomly distribute calls to agents as they become available. That’s a perfect design for traditional Customer Service or Collections operations where any agent can handle a call, but new technology is needed to address the unique requirements of SPoC.

Introducing SpotLight™

SpotLight is the patent-pending SPoC call management solution from TeleVoice. Engineered from the ground up for Single Point of Contact call centers, SpotLight ensures efficient telephone contact between borrowers and their assigned SPoCs.

SpotLight achieves the critical goals that have been elusive in SPoC implementations to date:

  • Allows agents to complete assigned tasks in less time
  • Significantly improves Quality Right Party Contact rates
  • Reduces the time required to complete Loan Modification packages
  • Cures late stage defaults more quickly
  • Provides unparalleled reporting that documents compliance
  • Delivers a much better borrower experience

In short, SpotLight makes SPoC work in the real world. It transforms a regulatory requirement into a valuable tool for achieving the optimal solution for each troubled loan.

Informed Call Presentment

Using proprietary technology designed specifically for SPoC environments and leveraging the store of loan-level data on the servicer’s data platform(s), SpotLight facilitates intelligent prioritization of inbound and outbound calls.  For each call, a Call Priority Score (CPS), based upon loan-level data and call characteristics, is dynamically calculated.  Critical calls may be handled first, and less urgent calls may be scheduled for later handling. With SpotLight, agent resources are maximized, and borrower needs are addressed more effectively.

SpotLight Features

No two call centers are the same. Your workflow, your portfolio, and your philosophy is unique. That's why SpotLight has been designed for flexibility. Your TeleVoice team will work with you to configure SpotLight's powerful feature set to meet your requirements.

On Hold Options for Inbound Borrowers

Servicers may offer any of the following menu options to callers holding for a SPoC agent:

  • Continue holding
  • Schedule a call back (Date/time ranges for call backs may also be defined.)
  • Transfer to voicemail
  • Listen to informational messages (how to apply for loan modification, etc.)
  • Listen to loan-level data (loan modification status update, foreclosure attorney contact info, and the like.)

Call Prioritization

The determination of which call should be processed next may be based upon the servicer’s choice of the following:

  • Call Priority Score – Calls are assigned a Call Priority Score (CPS) based upon customizable evaluation criteria of loan-level data, call type (inbound,call back, campaign, etc.), call history (returning a call, called multiple times today, etc.), and call status (exceeded hold time threshold, call back threshold, etc.). The highest scored call (whether inbound or outbound) is presented to the agent next. CPS for all calls are continuously updated.
  • Agent CPS Override – Agents may be granted permission to override the CPS and take a call out of order.  Supervisors may turn the override permission on or off for any agent at any time.  Supervisors may be notified of CPS overrides.
  • Supervisor CPS Override – Supervisors may be granted the ability select a call out of CPS order for presentment to an agent.

Outbound Campaigns

Agents may be assigned outbound call tasks in addition to handling inbound calls and scheduled call backs.  Multiple campaign types may be assigned to allow for in-depth campaign reporting. Campaign calls may be assigned target call back thresholds (based upon campaign type) and scored accordingly for CPS ranking.

Agent Reassignment

SPoC agents are not always in the office. They're sometimes on vacation, out sick, or otherwise unavailable. With just a few clicks, SpotLight supervisors can quickly and easily reassign agent tasks to another agent or group of agents.

Voicemail Tracking

If desired, borrowers may be given an option to be transferred to their SPoC agent’s voicemail. These events are tracked in the SpotLight Agent Workstation.

Screen Pops

Borrower data may be automatically displayed when agents accept inbound calls or place outbound calls. Screen pops can also be used for previewing borrower information prior to accepting inbound calls or placing outbound calls. TeleVoice “pops” the servicer’s preferred data screen from the host data platform used for managing the loan.

Identify All Abandons

SpotLight identifies all abandoned callers, allowing agents to quickly return calls at the phone number the caller used. Loan-level data for the caller may be "popped" when the agent returns the call.

Comprehensive Reporting

Demonstrate compliance with comprehensive contact reports at a loan, agent, or group level. With SpotLight reporting, you will have all the answers at your fingertips.

Host Data Interfaces

Spotlight may capture loan-level data from one or more data sources using a variety of interface methods. If desired, SpotLight may log defined call events to a host data platform.

For more information about using SpotLight for your business, call us at (281) 497-8000