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Credit Unions

TeleVoice IVR solutions have served the needs of hundreds of credit unions nationwide for a quarter century. Our tried and true solutions are used by credit unions of all sizes.

Credit Unions and their members find that TeleVoice IVRs provide a great mix of features and price performance.  We have installed affordable IVRs in hundreds of credit unions by approaching IVR with a different mindset and price point.

Home banking and mobile banking have narrowed the ways (and members) that regularly use IVR, but it still remains an important delivery channel for many members. Our focus is delivering the set of information and services that those IVR users really want today at an affordable price (because we know that you have a lot of other places to spend your money.)

Proven Application Software

TeleVoice has developed IVR application software in conjunction with our partners at Corelation that is tightly integrated to their KeyStone core software solution. We have a standard credit union IVR application package for Symitar/Episys users that uses Symitar’s standard SymConnect interface.

We also have served Fiserv/GALAXY’s credit union client base since 1995 and have a standard application for their users as well. All together, TeleVoice has delivered IVRs to hundreds of credit unions nationwide already, and we look forward to integrating with other credit union core software providers.

Our packaged applications are attractively priced since the development is a shared cost between many users.  The software is solid, and includes the information and services that most members want while not cluttering the IVR menus with things that most members now do through other channels. As additional capabilities are suggested by our users, we create a list of new potential enhancements to be considered for inclusion in the next release of the standard packaged application. We value the input of our users, actively seek their guidance, and use their vision to help drive the emerging feature set of the packaged application product.

Enhancements to the standard packaged application are available to all users of the standard application packages. Most enhancements with broad appeal are made available to all users without charge. More specialized enhancements without broad appeal or those requiring a customized implementation may be released as chargeable options to the product.

We strongly urge use of the standard packaged application software for the greatest savings and for access to the future enhancements.  If, however, you require changes or enhancements to the standard packaged application to meet unique needs, our experienced team of developers and programmers are available to customize your application.

General Features

  • Custom greeting recording
  • Preliminary Messaging
  • Credit Card Activation and Blocking
  • Debit Card Activation and Blocking
  • Rates Message
  • Hours and Locations Message
  • Merchant Verification
  • Spanish
  • Caller-initiated Change PIN
  • Automated First-Time Caller / Forced PIN Reset
  • Automatic account info bursts
  • Change member without call back
  • Choice of Draft/Share of Checking/Savings speech
  • CU-wide and Departmental Business hours/holiday with special call handling outside normal hours
  • Strong Authentication
  • Transfer caller to Member Services if behind PBX
  • Traditional Touch-Tone caller interface
  • Stop Pay by check number or range of checks

Transfers/Transfers to Linked Accounts

  • Checking/Money Market to Checking/Money Market
  • Checking/Money Market to Savings
  • Checking/Money Market to Loan Account
  • Checking/Money Market to Club Account
  • Checking/Money Market to Mortgage Loan
  • Savings to Checking/Money Market
  • Savings to Savings
  • Savings to Loan Account
  • Savings to Club Account
  • Savings to Mortgage Loan
  • Loan Account to Checking/Money Market
  • Loan Account to Savings
  • Loan Account to Loan Account
  • Loan Account to Club Account
  • Loan Account to Mortgage Loan
  • Club Account to Checking/Money Market
  • Club Account to Savings
  • Club Account to Loan Account
  • Club Account to Club Account
  • Club Account to Mortgage Loan


  • Balances on All Accounts
  • Checking – Recent Transactions
  • Checking – Specific type of transaction
  • Checking – Debit Card Transactions (Pending)
  • Checking – Debit Card Transactions (Signature-based)
  • Checking – Debit Card Transactions (PIN-based)
  • Checking – Withdrawals
  • Checking – Deposits
  • Checking – ATM transactions
  • Find a check by check number
  • Find a check by check amount
  • Savings – Recent Transactions
  • Savings – Specific type of transaction
  • Savings – Withdrawals
  • Savings – Deposits
  • Savings – ATM transactions
  • Savings – Dividends
  • Loan Accounts – Recent Transactions
  • Loan Accounts – Specific type of transaction
  • Loan Accounts – Last Payment Information
  • Loan Accounts – Next Payment Information
  • Loan Accounts – Payoff Information
  • Credit Card – Balance/Credit Limit information
  • Credit Card – Payment Information
  • Mortgage – Balance Information
  • Mortgage – Payment Information
  • Mortgage – Tax and Interest Information
  • Mortgage – Make Payment

Write a check and mail to Address on File

  • From Checking/Money Market
  • From Savings
  • From Loan Account
  • From Club Account

For more information about how TeleVoice can help your business, call us at (281) 497-8000