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TeleVoice Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products can take your call center to the next level of efficiency and customer satisfaction…without breaking your budget.

Improve Call Center Efficiencies with Screen Pops

How much could you save if you could shave 15-20 seconds off the average length of calls to your call center? That’s exactly what screen pops with TeleVoice CTAgent have done time and again for many cost conscious call centers.

Interfaced with your existing phone switch, ACD, and IVR, TeleVoice CTAgent is designed around flexible, proven CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology. TeleVoice follows every call as they are routed from your IVR system to live agents. As a call arrives at an agent’s phone, CTAgent “pops” an appropriate screen, populated with the caller’s information. Valuable time is saved, and customer satisfaction improves.

Even better, TeleVoice will customize CTAgent displays to fit your call center environment. Need soft phone functions for transferring calls with the click of a mouse? No problem. How about popping up a second window with a customized greeting script based upon DNIS? Sure. Our development team will work with you to maximize the benefits of Screen Pops for your call center.

Need more incentive? How about stunning ROI? In most cases, CTAgent will pay for itself within just a few months.

Enhanced CTI Products

Sometimes it’s tough to get a handle on your own day-to-day call center operations. Switch and ACD reporting is lacking and options for real-time views of agent activity are overpriced. TeleVoice has the answers.

Using CTView , supervisors and managers can access real-time Agent View Lists from their own workstations. They can see each agent’s name, current queue assignment, current call status and the elapsed time spent in that function. All in an easy to read graphical display that updated in real time.

Need a closer look at an individual agent’s activity? Just click on the name, and a detailed report pops right up. The Agent Detail screen shows each individual agent’s call stats via specific measurements, statistical information, color codes, and consolidated graphs.

Tired of inadequate switch reporting? CTReport collects and stores detailed call information from your phone switch, then continuously massages and organizes it to give you clear, comprehensive historical reports. Drill down as deep as you need to generate reporting that’s really meaningful. It’s all at your fingertips thanks to CTReport.

For more information about using CTI for your business, call us at (281) 497-8000