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Advanced TeleVoice call center solutions can take your call center to the next level of efficiency and customer satisfaction…without breaking your budget.


Increase Caller Self-Service with TeleVoice IVR

Your customized IVR solution from TeleVoice comes with a powerful feature that no other vendor offers: the experienced team of TeleVoice consultants, programmers, developers, and voice talent. With experience designing and maintaining hundreds of IVR applications since 1986, our veteran staff lives and breathes IVR best practices. We’ll work with you to design an IVR application that will maximize self-service opportunities, reducing the number of calls that your agents must handle.


Your TeleVoice IVR system can:

  • Interface with your backend systems or systems using any of a variety of protocols.
  • Make use of touch tone or Speech Recognition input.
  • Create complex documents on the fly and fax them instantly to call-provided fax numbers.
  • Monitor call activity in real time from any supervisor workstation.
  • Capture a wealth of data on every call to allow for careful analysis of usage patterns.

Improve Call Center Efficiencies with Screen Pops

How much could you save if you could shave 15-20 seconds off the average length of calls to your call center? That’s exactly what screen pops with TeleVoice CTAgent have done time and again for many cost conscious call centers.


Interfaced with your existing phone switch, ACD, and IVR, TeleVoice CTAgent is designed around flexible, proven CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technology. TeleVoice follows every call as they are routed from your IVR system to live agents. As a call arrives at an agent’s phone, CTAgent “pops” an appropriate screen, populated with the caller’s information. Valuable time is saved, and customer satisfaction improves.


Even better, TeleVoice will customize CTAgent displays to fit your call center environment. Need soft phone functions for transferring calls with the click of a mouse? No problem. How about popping up a second window with a customized greeting script based upon DNIS? Sure. Our development team will work with you to maximize the benefits of Screen Pops for your call center.


Need more incentive? How about stunning ROI? In most cases, CTAgent will pay for itself within just a few months